Illustrator & Game Artist | juntunen.tuuli[a] |

ANGRY BIRDS FRIENDS | Rovio Entertainment |

“Compete in weekly tournaments with friends and find out who’s the ultimate bird flinger! Themed competitions switch things up all year round, with extra-special tournaments for seasonal events like Christmas, Halloween and other feather-filled festive holidays!”
Tasks: Creating vector backgrounds, ingame objects, characters, UI assets, directing and scheduling art tasks and other artists.

Ingame slingshots, Leagues tiers egg symbols and ingame enemie pigs for Halloween update


“Pig Tales” level background for Facebook


“Worldcup 2014″ level background for mobile


Splash / Key Art


Leagues update UI | Power Up, Slingshot and Virtual Currency Coin Shop UI | Motion Comic for Xmas Update (Flash) 


NIBBLERS | Rovio Entertainment  |
“From the creators of Angry Birds comes a delicious new matching game with adorable characters and fresh and fruity puzzle gameplay. Match four, five, or more fruit to call in Coral, Octo, and the rest of the Nibblers. These fish have some tricks up their soggy sleeves. Use their special abilities to munch more fruit, topple the lizards, and take out obstacles.”
Tasks: Creating different ingame versions of “Bouncer” character, although they didn’t end up in the final game in the end.
Default, moving and idle poses


CITIES IN MOTION 1 & 2 | Colossal Order |
“Cities in Motion (CIM) is a city-based mass transportation simulator for the PC. Players operate their own transportation company, building a public network with a variety of vehicle types, including buses, trams, and subway trains. Observing the changing and growing city, as well as the different types of people in it, is key to building a successful and efficient network.”
2D graphic assets (citizen portraits, loading screens, icons, UI assets, marketing assets), texturing vehicles, buildings and citizens, modelling low-poly vehicles and buildings

NPC citizen profile portraits for the main game and the expansions  (CiM: Tokyo, CiM: U.S. Cities, CiM: London, CiM: German Cities, CiM: St Petersburg).

CIM: Vehicle textures | DLC “Design Quirks” ideation and texturing | Building textures | Building textures for “CIM: Tokyo” update | “Vienna” level loading screen 

 CIM 2: Game User Interface & Iconscim2_gui